Small Devboard Recommendation for use with DroneCAN or AP_Perif

Hi all! I’m looking to begin a project where I’m basically using a devboard to act as a ESC (obviously with a few caveats otherwise I would just buy something that is ready to go!). As a starting point, this dev board will simply need to process control commands from CubePilot Orange+ via CAN.

Does anyone here have any recommendations for small dev boards (something around the size of the Teensy 4.1 or the Arduino Nano would be ideal) that can easily be used with DroneCAN or AP_Periph libraries(or any other libraries that would make it easy to subscribe to DroneCAN messages)?

Alternatively, are there any AP_Periph devices out there that allow you to translate messages from DroneCAN to a custom defined CAN message?

This is a great board to start to experimenting with DroneCAN and AP_Periph, have enough memory, and almost all imaginable output/input.