Small code for PPM input test

I have one Pixhawk with defective Baro-senzor. The software for copter or plane doesnt start on it, because of error during initialization of driver for Baro-senzor. Though I have seen some video guide how to replace defective MS5611 sensor on Pixhawk board, I don’t have that soldering skills to replace such tiny component. Anyway I would like to utilize the board for test of CPPM input from RC receivers.
So the question is - can somebody make special build of last stable AC or AP software with disabled Baro driver (let’s say reading constant value instead of real values from senzor) for me? I don’t have build environment installed on my PC and moreover don’t know where to make changes in code to do that :frowning: .
If that would be modified AC or AP sw I could then use Missionplanner to read CPPM inputs and of course another data from pixhawk, though I can’t use it as FC anymore.

Why dont you give your FC a second life?

thanks a lot for reply, this was my first idea,
anyway this is solution when internal one is live. Since my internal is dead, the software won’t start (it is still rebooting during initialization with error message “baro driver is dead” or something like that) and therefore I can’t set the GND_EXT_BUS and GND_PRIMARY to correct values :frowning: .

Yeah thats right, you need to go in console mode and force externsl
@rmackay9 do you think it can be done?