Slowing down joystick data rate for gimbal control

I want to control my brushless gimbal by using a joystick that is connected to MP but due to a fixed update rate of the joystick, I lose the telemetry connection as soon as joystick has enabled.
Due to a lower priority of the gimbal control response rate, I’m looking for a way to decrease the joystick update rate. Is there any way to configure that?

Joystick in Mission Planner gives out RCOverride messages and overrides ALL RC channels,main use is for controlling the aircraft via joystick, therefore it has a fixed update rate.
If you want to control a gimbal from a joystick, then you have to write your own plugin which handle the joystick and send Gimbal control messages, but NOT RCOverride.

Thanks for your reply, Is there any way to decrease the other telemetry messages data rate? I mean some of the “SRx_Parameters” to be lower than 1, like 0.5Hz.

Go to Planner Settings and set the rates for streams…

It seems the lowest rate is 1Hz or zero, It’s still high rate in my case, so I want to decrease some of them to 0.5Hz or even 0.25Hz

This is not possible from Mission Planner