Slow, timeouts on saving and downloading of the waypoints

Hi boys and girls,
uploading or downloading WPs from the Mission Planner to the Cube Orange via SIK433 Mhz is either slow or very slow and quite often completely timeouts randomly in the middle of the session. E.g. uploading 65 WPs can take up to 5mins. If it does not timeout at all… Then it takes several tries to re-upload the same. It gets very frustrating especially when testing various mission configurations while in the field and rover is somewhere in the distance.

Using baud rate 57600, ArduRover 4.1.0-dev, anything could be done to improve the upload speed? Connection is at 99%

I’d say it might be an issue with interference.

I just set a pair of old 433 radios to
Air speed 128
Baud 115
Window 80ms
and was able to upload and read back a mission of 335 waypoints in about a minute or less for each operation. Clearly range would be affected by this baud rate using such old-skool radios, but it shows what is possible.
EDIT: almost exactly minute to the very second as it happens
The radios had been at standard 56k without issues but I decided to push the limits a bit and was expecting poor performance at best - pleasantly surprised, but I havent tested range.



It should definitely work at 56k but obviously take 2 to 3 times longer.

Seems I have messed it up, both radios can’t connect (green is blinking on both, red is blinking on the remote).
I think it happened when I tried setting Baud to 115 and copied it over to the Remote. But now, whatever baud rate is set to the Local, it just won’t connect.
Is there a way to configure Remote radio through the Mission Planner directly?
Connected through USB to the Cube Orange, hoped that it would load radio settings as Local, but it does not happen. Unfortunately can’t connect to the Remote radio via USB, it has only the JST connector.

Check those, and check the MissionPlanner connect baud rate too.

@xfacta first of all, thanks for your prompt responses, much appreciated!
Settings are as you mentioned, but I suppose they are meant for autopilot’s communication with the radio module. Whereas both radios must be connected to each other first of all. Green LED is flashing on both, they don’t see each other. Radios: mRo SiK Air Telemetry Radio V2

Update the firmware and also change max window to 80

Did that, but no bueno :confused:

I’m wondering if they’ll do that baud rate - you would think so since my old 3DR radios work OK.

Maybe we are jumping the gun - what about getting them working correctly at 56k (57600)
Baud 57600
Air 64
max window 33
and in ardupilot

Yep, tried that multiple times already. I am sticking to my initial thought, something went while wrong while updating the settings on the Remote radio. I wish there was a way to factory reset it. Connection worked when Air Speed was increased to 128. But once Baud was increased from 57 to 115 - it stopped

Do you make the settings changes on screen all at once, click Copy to Remote then Save Settings ?
You dont want to change and save one setting at a time, nor just do one radio at a time.
The settings are all related too - you need to set baud and air data rate suitably, air data rate has to be higher than baud rate.

Both radios need to be on the same firmware version or they wont connect.

If you can connect to each via USB it’s all easily sorted. If the remote radio doesnt have a USB port it will need a cable and FTDI USB to TTL serial converter

After hooking mRo SiK Air radio to FTDI converter my suspicions were confirmed, there was 115200 baud rate and 128 air speed, that caused the issue. Tried other combinations and they both worked:
115200 + 64 air speed
57600 + 128 air speed
Later one seemed to have slightly faster WP download/upload rate while testing in-house. Still need to test it in an open field though.

Many thanks for your time looking into this issue @xfacta , I am glad we got it fixed before the weekend, as I was planning to further finetune my autonomous mower in the field.
By the way, BRD_SER1_RTSCTS I have set to 2 as before

Air rate needs to be higher than baud rate

57600 + 128 air speed does the job so far, no WP upload timeouts as before, fingers crossed