Slow refresh and heavy processor load with MP 1.3.15

Dear, Mike.
Today I had update my zipped MP 1.3.14 to latest 1.3.15 and occur heavy processor loading, slow program run and very slow screen refresh!
With previous 1.3.14 it was very quickly! …as load and as work/refresh.
Best Regards

when MP starts up it process’s maps for old logs, that is the most likerly cause, it wil lreturn to normal after that

Hi have the same problem. It takes so long to refresh in the PID page. And also on the tuning procedure, I can only refresh to the P’s the min, max and middle values. I turn the knob a litle bit to the right from center and after refresh it always show 0.2000. If I turn to the left, from middle, I allways get the minimum value 0.008.