Slow moving tail servo on a Tricopter

Custom Build Tricopter with Pixhawk PX4 running 3.3.2 (had same issue with older versions too)

My tail servo moves very slow. I have not tried to takeoff yet because I’m not confident at all that it would be controllable. I servo centers just as quick as I’d expect but my control inputs respond very sluggish (yaw only) and if I impose yaw on the tricopter (just holding it) it corrects very slowly and not nearly as much as it should.

I have the servo signal plugged into MAIN OUT CH.7 and it’s powered from my receivers AUX 1 port. The receiver moves the servo normally so it’s not the receiver or the servo.

Thank you in advance for any and all help

Can you post your yaw PID values as they control the amount and speed of correction. You could also try fly it carefully as it may behave differently in the air.
What’s your servo speed/type?
I’ll check my values and post them here.

The servo is an EMAX ES3154 TQ:2.5/3.0; Speed: 0.14/0.12s/60*

I attached what I think is the PIDs, I’m new at this if you can’t already tell

My Rate Yaw P and Stabilize Yaw P are very similar to yours, Rate Yaw a bit higher and Stabilize Yaw a bit lower, my tricopter flies really well with a responsive, clean yaw behaviour. Maybe try a hover over long grass and see how it reacts?

Ok, did what you said. Through the props on and it flew pretty well! I’ll still need to tweak tell it, but you where right, I’m not used to these smart flight controllers yet haha

Thank you very much for your help!

Fantastic, glad I could help. Happy flying.