Slow loops detected in log auto analyzer

Should this be a concern? The auto analyzer is reporting things like this on copter 3.5: Test: PM = FAIL - 31 slow loop lines found, max 55.06% on line 102351

This is on Pixhawk 2.1 hardware. I’m seeing it on mine and others, all in Solos.

One user had the vehicle shut down in flight shortly after takeoff twice. The log abruptly ends prior to whatever caused the problem, so they don’t show any error. But this user also has many hours of successful flight, all with the slow loops still happening. So the shutdown may or may not be related.

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Here are some logs:

1.BIN (348.8 KB)!AgqdUNhfFlnDgbMRiC8l8AEkXabtoA

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The first log is running 3.6dev not 3.5.3. Just my observation

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The first log is running 3.6dev not 3.5.3. Just my observation. [/quote]
Yep. That’s mine. The other log is from another vehicle using 3.5.3. And that vehicle had the same slow loop logs in 3.5.0 and 3.5.2.

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Cool if it’s yours. I don’t have to question how it got there.