Slow flying without air speed sensor

I have built a Sky Eye with Pixhawk and uBlox as controller. It is a slow flyer!
In the setup I have no air speed sensor.

Will the plane manage to fly, in auto mission, even if the wind comes from behind? The air speed may drop a lot.

I hope to make my maiden flight this weekend


no problem, just set TRIM_THROTTLE to a throttle setting that flies well.
you can test in manual, do a similar turn that your AP is configured to do, in similar wind conditions, by turning from head to tailwind - you will quickly find lowest acceptable throttle setting.

Thanks for your quick reply!
I’m eager to get some time for maiden flight. Everything seems to run well at ground level but I know that flying can be a challenge :slight_smile:


The SkyEye is a great platform. Mine uses an old APM 2.0 and has no problems. I run mine with an air speed sensor coming out just above the plastic nose cone but it’s probably not necessary as the plane doesn’t really like winds above 10mph anyway and you can compensate for this in your speed settings.

With a 5000 mah battery I get an easy 45 min flying time so it’s good for 20 miles …