Slow boat, do I really need a radio?

I have been following the discussion RC vs no RC.

We don’t mind using a radio for testing and fine tuning, but this thing is slow. Is there a step by step set of instructions as to how to set up without a radio? I am using APM 2.0.24. Sorry this has been asked a million times.

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I do not think it is possible to control a boat with APM2.0.24 without an RC.
To operate without RC you need a recent FW version, and that is only possible if you update the hardware first.

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You could probably get a joystick/game controller to work thru Mission Planner with telemetry radios but you would be better off ditching the APM, which is unsupported, and replace it with a current tech FC.

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Thank for your reply! Sorry, I don’t know what “FW” means. By updating the hardware, do you mean having the newest Pixhawk or Ardupilot? We just see our use to be without the need for an RC radio for the long term.

Thank you for replying. What is an “FC”? Is that a flight controller? Are there ones you would recommend?

FW is Firmware, the software that runs on the flight controller
FC is Flight Controller. There is no “ArduPilot controller”. ArduPilot is a community of developers, not a controller. ArduRover is a firmware for the flight controller.
APM 2.x, pixhawk and CubeOrange are flight controller hardware.

Get a new flight controller hardware so that you can run the latest available firmware on it, and enjoy the features that make your boat operate more reliably and safely.

Thanks! I have an APM 2.8.A according to the PCB silk screening. I am guessing it is fairly new. Can it work without an RC receiver?

How many times do we need to tell you this?
NO. That controller is 9 years old, and uses a 8bit controller!

It can work fine without a RC receiver if YOU write the firmware for it. Do you want to do that?

Now I understand, sorry, :grinning:. So I need something a lot newer. Thank you!

Pick one from here Flight Controllers

Marvelous, thank you!