Slight climb and fall in Alt hold

Hello, I am runnin v3.2 and an APM 2.7 board with external compass/gps. I have run compassmot and get 1% interference on a Reptile 500 frame. My slight issue I am having is when I trigger Alt Hold the copter tends to climb and fall slightly. maybe a foot or 2 at the most. I know there are tuning options in the extended tuning section, but I am unclear on what i should change to maybe correct this. Any help would be helpful.
I will try a test flight later with althold on and off in cycles and see if I can load the log file. I do not quite know what to look for in the log though.

It flew very well tonight. I ended up calibrating my accelerometers and gps again. put the controller inside the frame and went back out. Everything seemed ok to me. Tested Althold for a minute and it did stutter for a second here or there, but I think that is simple tuning issues.

Well, I flew again this evening and it was a bit bouncy again in alt hold. I thought I had it resolved. Does external temperature effect the alt hold function ? It is in the low 50’s F outside.

When flying in temperatures not within maybe 5 degrees of room temperature, you should allow the flight controller to stabilize temperature outside for several minutes before attempting to fly. Once that is done, then you should have no problem flying in Alt Hold outdoors. I fly down to -10C, even -20C a few times.

I’d need a log to help you more however.