Skyzone FPV goggles controlling tilt of gimbal?

I am trying to get my Skyzone FPV goggle to work control the tilt of the gimbal.

To my understanding I use the 1/8" trainer input to receive the accelerometer data from the goggles. But when I go to set up the trainer mode on the stock FS-TH9X I can only seem to use data of CH1-4 not the CH5-9 that the glasses are able to send on.

Not even sure if the remote is getting any data from the goggle actually. Any one have some pointers on where to look for more info?

You can use RC channel parameters in the MP Full Parameter List to change where the extra channels are to be used.

So I should do all the setting from Mission Planner?

I have it all working from the remote via the default ch6. I did not try changing anything from MP, but to me is seemed to be a issues with mapping and or receiving the input from the trainer plug.

Sadly it will be at least a week before I can get back to test anything, and I also had a hard landing and broke my gimbal mount so that might slow me down too(see pic in link below). But in the mean time I thought I would post and see what others might know. So thanks for the reply. … 1395202266

cool so where did you decide to mount the vtx? pix?


ps did you get the all in one skyzone special also?

I moved the 2.4 RX for the transmitter a little. They are both mounted to the top of the iris lid with their antennas poking out each hole at the back top side. Didn’t seem to have any issues with either ones signals.

I got the same TX and goggles but I am using the video out of the gopro mounted the the tarot gimbal from 3dr. Looking to add OSD now.