Skywalker X8 VTOL From Scratch

It’s good idea Aeroakram. Still i’m doing some research over it. Once I completed everything, I’ll post here.

Thank you for this suggestion. :slight_smile:

After our 1st crash with Skywalker X8, planning to do the tests from Beginning with X8 black frame.

Can anybody attach a picture to place controller and components inside fuselage?

Please suggest a place for the pixhawk to reduce the vibrations. Now I fixed pixhawk in the third compartment near to ESC.

Thanks in advance.

Regarding the Pixhawk vibration, try implementing an antivibration mount.

Yeah! I got a design and going to 3D print it.

Hi Darrell, How did the Sunnysky 1100Kv motors perform? were they able to provide sufficient lift?

I’m still waiting for them to arrive. I think the shipment has gone astray as it’s been much too long now.

Are you able to track the shipment? In which website you ordered?

Now I’m using an anti-vibration bed and it is working perfectly. It is suppressing the motor and ESC vibration.

After my crash, now I’m using Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 4240-740KV for pusher with 12X8 camcarbon. Because my SK3 3542 coil burned at 100% because of overload.

I bought them from GoodLuckBuy. The tracking shows they have been here for a week but they haven’t been delivered. I’ve had a PayPal dispute lodged for a while so I should get my money back. Meanwhile, I’ve ordered another set from the SunnySky official eBay store. Should have done that last time.

HI Darrel
I am also building a skywalker vtol, i want to do something that no one has done before. I plan to use a 90mm EDF for the rear motor. the problem will be to use a channel mix on my radio to make sure that the props and EDF gives out the same thrust. now I have to choose the prop and EDF motor will be my biggest problem. I want to run 6sp lithium-ion and the total weight with batteries will be around 8LBS to 10LBS. can you give me a suggestion?

I can’t see why just setting up as usual would not work for you even with EDF for forward thrust. I don’t think you would need any mixing on the radio. There are others here who might know more about this and hopefully they will let us know what they think.

I am using taranis Qx7 for skywalker x8 vtol. But I don’t understand how to setup model in transmitter for the same. Can anyone help me?

  1. What model type I should select(plane, delta, multi)?
  2. What changes should I make in mixer if any?
  3. Also parameter file of this setup in mission planner?
    This will help me a lot as I am new. Thank you in advance. Happy flying.

Hello everyone,
@darrell @Aeroakram @Shubham_Thakur we are actually trying to build a Autonomous UAV(same design as in Skywalker X8 VTOL) but we are not sure of the motor esc and prop specification to be chosen if our vehicles requirements are:
weight: 7kg(6kg (vehicle + 1kg payload)
speed in forward flight: 110kmph(above)

the payload will be placed inside the hull section

thanks in advance.

UAV Noob.

You can read what components I used in this blog posting I did a year ago. It’s also a vey good idea to check your set up with eCalc I’ve tried a few different configurations but have more or less settled on using T-Motor 3520-11 700k with 14" props, 40A ESCs and 6S batteries.

At that weight you will need to strengthen the wings quite a bit. I try and keep my X8 below 6kg but I’ve ended up at 6.5kg.

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Thanks for the read as i am just setting up my own x8 VTOL. Can i just check that when i have the quad booms/motors coming straight forward and aft through the wing are you setting up this as a x frame or a H frame if H which motor is cw and ccw. I was thinking should this be X frame but the bars are not diagonal it is like a 90 degree twisted H if you know what i mean. help would be appreciated.

Did you ever try the sunny sky 1100kv motors?

I did try the Sunnysky 1100kv motors. They worked fine. The 4S voltage level did generate a lot of current and heat in wiring etc which I didn’t like. I used them for a while and then went back to T-Motors at 6S which gave a bit more power.

What awe wire did you have? Which esc’s were they? What was your take off weight? I am curious to how vertical technologies is using this setup? Aren’t they using 2820-1100kv motors for vertical with 12x4.5 props?


I used 12 AWE silicon wire to 40amp Hobbyking red ESCs. The plane weighs 6.5Kg when loaded up. I’ve spoken with Sander of Vertical Tech several times as he’s really helpful. They made custom motors for their DeltaQuad and he’s never mentioned the specs but I’m pretty sure they 1100kv and yes they use 12" props.

i think you need 6S 15500mAh battery