Skywalker x8 vtol airplane

Hi everyone
our team have built a skywalker x8. we want to design it again,it was first experience.i wondered if we change airfoil from s5010 to clark Y or N-9,and change the wings to trapezoidal?
could you please help me???

Why do you want to change the airfoil? Any specific reason?

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what do you mean with trapezoidal ?
Most of the time flying wing are divided between plank and swept
Plank wings use positive Cm airfoil
Swept wings can use moderate negative Cm airfoil

Clark Y is not for flying wing but clark YS is OK

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I would not mess with the airfoils of the X8 as they are reflexed to minimize the pitching moment. Similarly, if you change the chord across the span of the wing, you change the lift distribution and will most likely mess up the center of lift which is quite sensitive for pitch stability. What are your motives to alter the design of the X8?

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couse we want to built it easier.

trapezoidal, it means that we dont want to have 90 degree angle in the end of airplane,
what is the Cm in airfoil?
thanks for helping to choose airfoil.

you know i want to find the best way for build and aerodynamics of airplane
but i dont have experiences like this

I like the idea to design a plane for a specific need. This is not difficult but you need to read some dedicated publication. If I understand correctly your answer you want to remove winglets. You can not do that because they are meant for yaw stability. Some flying wings do not have vertical stabilizer, Horten or Northrop, because the swept angle is large enough to ensure yaw stability
To answer your question Cm is the pitching moment coefficient. Positive mean pitch up and negative pitch down. Airfoil Cm is a critical parameter for flying wings because there is no tail to balance wing pitching moment.

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This looks like a situation for wanting to run before learning to walk. X8 is a generally a great design, to do better than that one needs clarity on what the design needs to do better, spend many hours reading about aerodynamics, aircraft design principles and eventually get hands dirty with running many design iterations. It is not easy…

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thanks for answering
you know i built one it was hard
so i rsearch to find the better way to improve it in aerodynamics way and easier building…

yes ,thanks for answering but you know
i know the skywalker is good one,but i want to research more:))))

and also i wondeered if you could help me about landing gear
i want they bend through the wing
connect one bar to servo then connect the bar to landing gear
this reeduce the pressure on servo
may answer me if you know that???

could you please help me if you know anything about retractable landing gear
i want to use it in my skywalker,i want to reduse drag…

I have no experience with retractable landing gear. But the offer is very wide and you will certainly find the one that suit your need in a dedicated shop like hobbyking.

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aha,undrestand thank you