Skywalker X8 Tiltrotor

Hi everyone,
I want to share my latest project, Skywalker X8 Tiltrotor. It uses Arduplane 3.8.2 firmware. Tilting mechanism and integration parts were printed with a 3D printer. I made some transition tests a few weeks ago.

I made its maiden flight one year ago.

My current configuration:
Frame Kit: Skywalker X8
Vtol Conversion Parts: Custom 3D printed
Motor: Rctimer x5(400kV), 4 pieces
Speed Controller: Hobbywing 40A
Propellers: 17x5.5
Battery: Gens Ace 6s5100x2
BEC: Hobbywing 10A (Max 20A)
Flight Controller: Pixhawk,GPS recevier, Airspeed sensor
Tilt Servos: Savox SC-0251MG, 4 pieces
Wing (Elevon) Servos: Turnigy TGY-S712G, 2 pieces
Takeoff Weight: Approx. 5kg

As a result, I made a third flight last week and I had a crash (Youtube video is on the way) After I check the log files and my configuration I will repair my plane and continue flights to perform full forward flight transition.

You can check my blog at for project details.


Looking good! this is the kind of quad plane that a lot of people want to fly so it’s good to get some experience from people like you who have already done it!

nice job like to know you max flight time ?

Thanks. I will share some logs for you and people who is interested in this setup. Unfortunately, I had a crash last week. One of the brushless or speed controller has broken down at hover. After I fix it, I will continue test flights. By the way thank you for this development and I really appreciate that ardupilot is a great open source tool which gives us opportunity to realize our dreams.

I want to know too :slight_smile: I haven’t got a full flight experience yet. The hover time is between 15 to 20min. Forward flight time with minumum hover (just takeoff and transit to forward flight) should be 45 to 60 minutes.

Great Work. :clap:

I would love to see this aircraft transitioning to FW from Hover and back.

Also if you could share log files, I would be happy to analyze and give feedback, since I have constructed 4 different VTOL-FW designs and made over 200 sorties with them, including performance tests.

Great !!


@egonul ( abi bende çalışıyorum vtol üzerinde sormak istediğim bir kaç şey olacak irtibata geçebilirsek çok iyi olacak)

We are busy building a tilt rotor x8 and if anyone is looking for tilt servos, these are amazing they also have a smaller 17kg/cm version but the 20kg is a much stronger unit.