Skywalker X8 Flight Preparation Tips and Helps needed


Day after tomorrow I’m going for a Flight Test with my Skywalker X8 with Pixhawk 2.1 Cube and Li-Ion.

I have some doubts that still needs to be cleared.

  1. In case of any type of Failsafe the plane will go to RTL. But is the plane auto land in RTL mode or Loiter at some altitude above the Home Position??

  2. If I put the Flight Mode to RTL using Transmitter, will the plane Auto Land at Home location or still it Loiter above Home Position??

Please give an idea and some tips for this tests. My first plane got CRASHED after a failsafe. I lost the Log details on Pixhawk.

So, need to take more safety features for next flight.


First, use both the throttle failsafe method and also the GCS telemetry heartbeat methods to trigger a failsafe event.

Then for the failsafe event you can configure RTL to fly back to and circle around over a rally point near the origination location.

Include the auto landing sequence as the final waypoints of an automated flight plan.

Then, you can configure RTL to either (a) come back and circle over the rally point, or (b) continue with the mission in which case it will land at the end (provided you have the landing sequence sorted).

Thank you for all these information.

Now the cockpit shows

Failsafe: short event off, reason = 3

Can anyone tell me the reason for this??

One more question.

How to Land Fixed-wing Plane after Failsafe.

Note: I’m not using Air Speed Sensor. So I cannot use Auto mode.

If I didn’t get the RC Transmitter connection after the failsafe, how can I land the Plane??

I once had the same challenge: I built a do-it-yourself receiver and wanted to make sure the plane came back and landed in case I lost RC control.

You can still have the system perform auto landings without an airspeed sensor. The airspeed sensor gives you more accurate control of the approach airspeeds, but without one the auto-landing feature still works.

I made up an automated mission in Mission Planner. At the end of the mission I entered the commands to perform the auto landing. If I lost RC control then the plane would continue the mission and auto land. If I did not lose RC control I took over and landed the plane manually.


Thank you for sharing your experience.

I’ll try to correct Airspeed sensor. Also I’ll try this method.

Best luck Raj, Paul.

Can anybody analyze this crash?

Took a quick look and it appears that something mechanical happened like an aileron servo or its linkage failed and the plane rolled in.

After this crash, I found that one of my aileron servo joint disconnected from the control surface. I thought it’s because of the crash.

Also there’s little bit vibration for the motors, that I’ve fixed now. I guess that vibration affected magnetometer and it caused that crash.

I’m not sure it’s a mechanical failure or not. But the servo disconnected.