Skywalker X8 elevons

I am working on my Skywalker X8 build using an APM 2.6… After a lengthy battle I THINK I conqured getting the elevons to move correctly while in manual mode. But i still have two problems 1) After switching into FBWA the elevon are not moving the same way they were while in manual mode Ex. When pulling back on the “elevator” (mode 2) in manual mode the elevons respond appropriately
But when in FBWA they do not respond correctly anymore. Problem 2) The elevon plugged into Output 2 of the APM moves about half as much as the elevon plugged into Output 1. The problem remained in Output 2 when i swapped the the left and right elevons in Outputs 1 &2. Whichever servo was plugged into output 2 moved considerably less. I have followed the arduplane online instructions to the best of my ability especially the elevon/servo reversal/ mixing page. I have no mixing or reversals done on the transmitter.