Skywalker X8 Build - Looking for Opinions


It’s not really an Ardupilot topic (I think I got that part covered), but I would love to hear an opinion about a power set for a Skywalker X8.

I am considering installing a Dualsky combo (80Amp ESC V2) and a Dualsky motor XM5060EA-8 355KV and most likely 6S battery connected in parallel (8000mAh).

The spec of the the motor, which is 355kv is less than what the manufacturer recommends (which is 500KV).

What could possibly be the downside/cons of going 355kv instead of 500kv?


Insufficient thrust for the same prop size. Search the the forum here there is a lot of info on that craft.

Thanks, I am planning to use the same propeller recommended fpr the motor,a 16x10. Seems tombe sufficient but i guess I should weight it first

Oh OK, that makes sense. Wasn’t sure if a larger prop for the lower kV would fit.

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