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Skywalker X5 Pixhawk finished

My APM 2.6 in my Durafly Tundra died so I upgraded to a Pixhawk clone from Hobbyking which was about $60 / £50.

I put it in my X5 wing. Autotune worked well and the plane tracks perfectly if I look at the kmz data.

I’m running a 5200 4S battery spinning a Turnigy D3536/9 910KV with 10 x 7 prop. Flight time is an easy 30 min, probably a lot more. At 50% cruise throttle it does 60mph so the range is at least 30 miles. Terrain following works perfectly and I generally set it to 70 meters except over water where I drop it down to about 30. I have no speed sensor and set minimum throttle at 33%.

The camera is a Polaroid Cube pointing down at about 45 degrees which takes pretty good footage. I’ve also put a GPS tracker on the hatch cover with a SIM card that reports back to me with it’s position on Google Maps if I dial in.

The only mod I made to the plane is the vertical stabilizer under the motor which gives a bit more yaw stability and protects the solid prop when I land.

Now for some more flights.

Looks good. As it happens I am looking for a wing. X5 looks like it might be just what I am looking for

It’s a good plane and very stable for a wing. The only weak point is the elevon linkage which needs reinforcing. Cheap too.

In the end I went for this one.

Probably around the same performance, except I already have one with a working setup so I can compare like for like.

Do you have a link for the videos from flights? Im working on laying a x-5 out and am just curious what the video looked like.

This is a compilation of some of the X5 autonomous flights with the Pixhawk

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