SkyViper wifi not seen by mobile device

The SkyViper’s WiFi works fine on my laptop and tablet. The controller binds fine. I can change the WiFi SSID and password, and all of the above continues to work fine.

But no matter what I do, I can’t get my phone (Google Pixel 2) to recognize the SkyViper’s wifi. 90% of the time, the network isn’t even listed to select. And the other 10% of the time, it shows up, I can connect to it, and a minute later it disappears again. I’ve tried different SSIDs, different passwords, and even no password. Nothing changes this.

Any suggestions on what could be causing this?

You need to enable “airplane mode” on your mobile device. I have no idea why, because the spectrums should be compatible, but anyways, you need to enable airplane mode (which turns off cell and Bluetooth) then reenable only your wifi.

I’ve put out the question on why this is, but haven’t really heard anything. I suspect the board might be tuned for multiple frequencies (including cellular) and it is unable to distinguish between multiple high powered signals.

That’s a different problem that most people seem to experience. The skyviper application does not properly route the IP traffic through the WiFi and tries to use the internet over the 3G/4G. That happens regardless.

My issue is that my Pixel 2 does not even see the SkyViper’s wifi. Forget the app. The phone itself doesn’t even list the skyviper wifi to select and connect to.

oh ok…yes that’s strange then. I have had intermittent times when my phone couldn’t see the wifi…are there a LOT of signals in your area? I think the SONIX AP is probably a bit weak in comparison and may be using the same channel as another. If i understand the code right I believe it defaults to channel 9…and may not have an “auto” function. again, not sure why your phone wouldn’t see it but others do…but it may just be the power differential?

I also tried changing channels to no avail. I also found out that @kellyschrock has the same problem with his Pixel. So I don’t believe it is related to other WiFi traffic in my neighborhood. Something about the SkyViper’s WiFi AP is making the device reject it.

ok…i guess i’ve exhausted my guesses

I’m going to use a wifi analyzer app this evening to see if the SkyViper access point looks oddly different from all the others it can see.

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