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SkyViper Scout Killed by the App

Hey all. Sorry if this is already addressed elsewhere but after pairing a new Scout with the app, the drone will no longer respond to the controller. I have not installed any updated firmware: everything should be factory stock.

I’m not sure if it’s relevant but I had some difficulty getting the app pairing to work - failing on an iPhone 7 (I could connect to the drone’s wifi but could never get past the “Connect to your drone’s wifi” screen on the app) before finally succeeding on an old Asus Android tablet.

As mentioned, after getting the app to work, the drone would no longer respond to the controller. On a second iPhone 7, I opened up the SkyViper Web Server and was able to verify that all the drone’s sensors are still working, the camera is working, the motors are working, that the controller is paired, and the drone is recognizing when I move the sticks and press the buttons.

I believe that all phones/tablets have been disconnected from the drone’s wifi but could multiple connections cause the drone to no longer respond to the controller? How can the drone simultaneously register the controller button/stick movements (on the Web Server) and yet not act on those by flying?

Any help would be appreciated.

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