SkyViper s2450 GPS Video

I’m am using android QGC for missions and was wondering if there is a way to connect video WiFi stream to the app or this is still in development?
I have tried rtsp://
Does not connect, any help or comment would be appreciated.

@InMotion Hi Dean, I use these parameters for SkyViper video stream in QGC with success:

Video Source: RTSP Video Stream
RTSP URL: rtsp://



The port number does seem to be required in QGC, at least on the android version.

Also, I’ve noticed that the video turns mostly grey when the image doesn’t change fast enough. It mostly looks correct when flying, but but when on the ground, it mostly doesn’t work. I’m wondering if the Sonix isn’t sending key frames as often as expected when the image is static.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Or better, solved it?