SkyViper inverse ROI

Is there a parameter or command so the SV points directly away from the ROI? For example in CIRCLE mode the Yaw would be 180deg away from the ROI.

Other discussion topics hint at this (wish I’d thought of “Region of Disinterest,” @larsks) but with gimbal controls or manually controlling the Yaw in CIRCLE mode. And I see that CIRCLE_RADIUS can be 0 to pano in place. But what about inverting ROI? I don’t see this option in the Loiter Turns command either.

One application of this function would be to fly two SVs on CIRCLE with nearly identical radii, SV1 facing the center while SV2 faces SV1.

Also, unrelated thanks to @rmackay9 for so much development and support.

No, No parameter or command will do that.

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