SkyViper GPS drone support in master!

As most know, SkyRocket’s SkyViper GPS streaming drone uses ArduPilot for its flight control. The version that comes installed on the drone is a fork based on code between Copter-3.5 and 3.6.

The merge of SkyViper specific features into ArduPilot’s main branch has been largely completed now so a new SkyViper specific binary is available on and instructions for loading this alternative firmware are here.

In general we recommend that normal users stay with the official supported firmware from SkyRocket because it has gone through extensive testing. Still newer versions of ArduPilot could be fun and interesting because it includes new features including SmartRTL and runs on ChibiOS. Also it allows SkyViper users to get involved with beta testing Copter-3.6 - that process will hopefully start in a week or so.

Hope this is fun and interesting for SkyViper users. Feel free to get involved in our SkyRocket forum.