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This is a place to discuss the SkyViper GPS drone. Please use this only for things that are specific to the SkyViper.

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Hello Tridge, This may be an interesting upgrade to the stock battery 10 min flight time to 21 minutes using a Panasonic Li- ion battery custom diy

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nice! Are you going to give it a try?

Hello Tridge, I just received the SkyViper in the mail today, I hate to say it, but it is unflyable? Even inside! with no mods
firmware was loaded on initialization.

Outside flight was uncontrollable with gps lock. Severe pitching.
Inside flight start motors, would ramp up and continue to try to lift itself.Next, aplied full power on fresh battery no lift off.

I have flown quads before and there is something wrong.

In the app there was a recalibration notice which cameup, with no instruction on the how to?,I have seen the post from John on this.
I believe the cause of this whole event( my theory) is the motor gear drive clearance.I have one motorgear that if you gently hold it can allow the prop drivegear to slip past the motorgear.<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/e/ec578f75c2023d0c70bbf77124fe9708ace400f3.jpg" width=“375” height="500strong text

**No Mesh

Let me know what you think.Thanks

Note:First picture is the slipping gear mesh( Not proper) This is PROPER Mesh

Logs, please :slight_smile:

darn, that isn’t good!
As Peter says, a log may help ensure the diagnosis is correct. I only work on the software, but we’ve told the people who look after hw about this post

Thankyou! Im new to this and would like to see this fly!

Hello Peter, Im a Newbe to this, what logs are you refering to.I have connected into the skyviper access page.


So there should be a link labelled “DATAFLASH”. In there you should find a whole bunch of files labelled e.g. 00000001.BIN.

They should have a valid timestamp on them.

If you can find the one that corresponds to your “interesting” flights based on the timestamp, that would be ideal.

If you can upload them to a service like dropbox and provide a link here, that would be idea.


Hello Peter, there is no web link for dataflash when connected to skyviper html page

It is under filesystem access, then dataflash subdirectory

This is a picture of the web interface that comes up when logged in. Im sorry but can you show me a screenshot of the page with command line

Looks like you don’t have an SD card in? It’s optional for flying, but you need one to store pictures, videos, and logs.

Yes Oliver your right. There was to be one in the package, but was not shipped. I will be returning this one and have a new one on order, hopefully wont have same issues as last. Thankyou

a microSD doesn’t come with the skyviper, you need to add one yourself if you want to store logs or pictures

wow, that must be a different packaging. Is that on the website or on the box?

That’s the Costco package. It includes the SD, second LiPo, and controller batteries.

ahh, nice! Thanks Zech.
I’ve heard that costco may have it in Australia now too (I’m not a costco member, so I can’t check).