Skydroid MX450 help wiring servo

Hi all,

I recently lost my mx450 in the sea
Was using it for drone fishing.

To release the fishing line you had to tap an icon on the screen and the thrower will rotate and drop the line…

The issue I had was the screen want responding, tried restarting the app and still no go…

So the drone tried to fly back with the bait and sinker and with it swinging the line underneath, the gyro got messed up and didn’t know how to come home…

I’ve been taking to the company and they advise I could use the following connector here to connect to the servo and use channel 7 and 8 to control the servo on the remote using physical buttons rather than touch screen

I know a servo only needs 3 wires, but the connector they recommend has 7.

Could someone help me map out the wiring please

I would think where it says “Servo7” - white wire in the middle or the “Servo8” - yellow wire, are in fact the signal wires for the servo.
You also got a ground wire there (white wire on the edge of the connector)
However, regular servos do usually run on 5-6V. If you intend to use such a servo you’ll need a 12V to 5V reducer.
But if you happen to have a 12V servo then the green wire should do fine.

  • An important thing to consider: Can the power system you intend to connect to handle the required current for your servo? …Plenty of people on here got caught connecting a servo or other device to the standard control system and causing a voltage drop when activating the servo/device causing a crash as FC might shut down mid flight. …or worse burn out altogether.
    If in doubt use a DC voltage step down regulator straight from your battery and only connect the control wire to the FC or receiver.

Thanks for helping out

I will test it out before doing any fishing
Still waiting for the replacement to arrive

The GND and the 12v lines… I assume that’s the -/+ for the servo?

I’m hoping to wire the existing servo to this connector instead

Otherwise will need a voltage reduce
Just need to know which wires are the +/-

After chatting with a technical person from skydroid,
They even taken the time to help me out,

This now makes much more sense

Could someone recommend a reducer please 12v to 5v

hi all,

i’ve now got all my parts required… but seems the servo i had purchased is too big and i can’t seem to fit

so decided to take apart the servo, and i see the servo circuit as follows

so i’m thinking of taking the servo circuit and wiring it to the inbuilt servo with a voltage reducer,
could someone please point out if this will work or not please

much appreciated!!!