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Sky viper journey wifi issues

Here is my issue; when I power up the journey, I am getting no Wi-Fi signal from it. Using a newer Samsung phone but regardless of having the controller connected to the drone or not, I am still getting no “skyviper_xxxxxx” or anything remotely similar to that. What am I doing wrong?

How long did you wait?
Also, did you have a SD card in the slot?

I don’t have a journey, but my 2450GPS would sometimes take longer to setup the WiFi AP. If I didn’t have a SD card, that sometimes made it take longer (up to 2 minutes?). I never timed it. My guess is there is some loop in there waiting to time-out, but not sure.

One other issue I had is that sometimes my Android phone couldn’t see the AP, but my computer could. I almost always would put my phone in Airplane mode first, then turn on just the WiFi. That seemed to prevent the Cell radio from interfering.

I don’t have an sd card in the drone. Now as of this morning when powered on, and connected to the controller, the drone won’t fly.

Did you find anything out about the wifi issue? Would be nice to talk to a Sky Viper tech eh?

Im unable to see skyviper journey wifi signal at all. and my remote won’t bind…alll this after updating is there a way to reset it?

Maybe you have a bad-firmware load.

Do any of the lights flash when you power it on?

Hold it close to your face and look near the camera. Does a little orange light flicker inside the body when you first power it up?

Do the red and green external LEDs flash?

You can reset the flight controller firmware by placing it on the root of a formatted SD Card as outlined here:

I’ve only used this to recover the flight controller firmware, not the Sonix board.

Firmware can be found at: (someone should archive this site just in case)


Flight Controller Recovery using the SD card

If the Flight Controller becomes un-flashable at runtime, recovery is possible using the SD card at boot time.

Place a copy of arducopter.abin in the root directory of the SD card - but change its name to flight_fw.abin

Rebooting will cause the Sonix board to flash the Flight Controller before the STM32 leaves the bootloader.

Sonix board Recovery using the SD card

In the rare event you may need to recover Sonix board using the SD card at the boot time.

Place a copy of FIRMWARE_660R_F.bin in the root directory of the SD card.

Rebooting with Sonix board bootloader pin pulled down will cause the Sonix board load firmware from SD card. Sonix board bootloader pad is marked as TP4 next to Sonix chip. Need to remove metal shield to reach.

  • Temporarily solder thin wire to SD card slot metal part (GND).
  • Copy FIRMWARE_660R_F.bin to the root of SD card.
  • Connect battery while the other end of wire touching the pad.

If this boot process goes well, firmware file should be erased.

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