Sky Viper Jorney 2450 Gps. Factory Reset

Can someone walk me thru as to how do I factory reset so with a micro SD card because the TX won’t bind to sv. Thanks you in advance.

This is about as “walk me thru” as it can get

However, you may not need to go that route. Can you get into the WebAP interface?

Yes I can. The app won’t let me connect. It just says it’s connecting and it will stay like that for a long time.

While the vehicle powered up I recommend looking through the APWeb pages and looking at the diagnostics to see if it is reporting anything from the flight controller sensors (gyro, etc) If not, then the most likely problem is your flight controller is disconnected from the SONIX. you’d need to open the frame and re-seat the cable. That said, if the FC was disconnected from the SONIX, but still powering up (and booting) you’d still be able to use the Tx, but in the case where the SONIX cannot communicate with the FC, then the Force Bind method wouldn’t be working.

If you can connect through the WebAP, I’d do most things there, rather than through the app.

Connect to the WiFi signal on your phone or laptop. Open a browser to and you will hopefully be presented with a menu system. Factory Reset is available under System Control menu, I believe.

Please note that if you do this, you will need to power cycle the drone, reconnect, then recalibrate the main components (accel, Mag, Motors, etc). Then repower again to make sure the settings stick.

Gentlemen thank you so much. I am now airborne. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much. The right Software and recalibration and I was flying.