Sky viper app broke

My sky viper app for the v2450gps accidentally got deleted… I re-downloaded it it it just takes me in circles…password, connect, back to app… password,connect, back to app…Any idea? They are hooking to wifi because I can get to the web server…I believe this to be an app issue because my old phone will still connect… Does anybody know anything about this?

Are you using the “old” or “new” app? There are two on the app store as far as I can tell. I’ve never tried to use the app with the v2450gps, only with the journey, but I can try later today.

I figured out that when it downloaded that it was going to my SD card. Once I realized that, I moved it to Internal Memory and it started working … The 2450 & Journey use the same web server. But the apps or transmitter won’t work with each other