SKY Hero Little 6 not enough thrust to take off

Hey everyone. I just finished building my Little Six from sky hero. went for my first flight and some motors were reversed. so I corrected the issue now all motors turn correctly. However there is not enough thrust in the motors to get off the ground. I have included the .bin files in hopes someone can figure out my issue

Your tlogs and/or dataflash logs are not bin.jpg files.

sorry for that. That shows just how new i am to this

Ok so I down graded firmware to 3.1.1 and have enough thrust to get off the ground now but other issues I have on take off it wants to lean over and if I keep the throttle steady theres a burst in motor speed and the quad just feels like it going to skyrocket. Is anyone e willing to look at my log files and give me an idea of what I’m doing wrong?

Ok downgraded to 3.1.1 plugged everything back in and no issues