Skidsteering is behaving strange

About the pivot turn, we get a patch read for both power issue and in auto issue. It should come this week


I think the bigger problem is the way the code differs between pivot turning and turning while moving. Since the change between the two states is instant, the throttle change to the motors is too. One moment, both wheels are moving in opposite directions at half input value, the next moment, one wheel stops and the other one goes to full input value. That might be ok for a motor just driving a prop, but for a rover with geared motors and a lot of mass and inertia on the wheels, it leads to mechanical failure.

Nice find !
I didn’t think about that but you are right that we can reach a problem. I will add something to prevent that

This sounds great guys! I agree that the sudden change in direction and/ or value is hard on some systems. We have successfully toasted several brand new (and expensive) ESC’s. I make prototypes for a living and we are investing a lot into this project so that’s not really a problem. As long as we know why it fails we can correct it. I’ve had a steep learning curve as to how the code works under certain conditions. Still not on top of things quite yet. Not by a long shot.

Am I right to assume that the heritage from planes or copters makes the code a bit “messy”?
I would, wherever possible, swap out all the notations like “roll” “yaw” “throttle” etc to something simpler like numbers. A few days ago we swapped one of our remotes for a taranis q x7. It was a blessing seeing their approach to “start from scratch” and how intuitive and clean setting it up is. “That stick will do that and output on this channel”. Simple!
Hopefully this will be the case one day for future firmwares. Ardupilot and rover has a LOT of potensial in pure robotic applications where, for instance, “yaw” might not make any sense in that particular system.

But, it is a great system now even with its flaws. If you manage to iron these kinks out I’ll buy the first round.

First the caveat… I’m a real beginner.

Skidsteer = 1
RCMap … All default values
Servo Functions per the beta 3.2 instructions

I’ve set up my Spektrum DX5e for the Pitch to Channel 3 and Roll to Channel 1. The Mission Planner status screen indicated a nice full swing from ~1100 to 1900 for both Chan1in and Chan3in. But when I push the pitch lever forward I get 1900 on Chan3out but only ~1600 on Chan1out. And when I push the Roll lever to the right, I get 1900 on Chan1out and 1600 on chan3out.

Is there a mixing parameter I’ve messed up somewhere?



If you mean skidsteer_in = 1, you will have to set this to 0 for your DX5e.

Wow its works!!! … amazing… particularly when it is so easy for me to screw up any one of the dozens of configurable variables that are so tempting to fiddle with.

Thank you


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Sorry, but been waiting silently for any news about the next RC, or maybe any news about next stable release ETA.
I know that it sucks when people ask for it, but… Is there an estimate date for next RC or stable release? I’m specially anxious about the pivoting thingy in auto modes.

Sorry and thank you!


I will received a new rover this weekend, so normally, I hope to time to launch a new beta next week ! But, it will hard as I need Randy or Grant approval and there will be the unconference. I keep you in touch