SKID-Steering Rover - 4 x PWM OUT *on ErleBrain 3* for 2 tracks

Hi Ardupilot Community,

First of all, I’d like to excuse myself, I’m not a native speaker, therefore I hope it’s understandable what I try to say.

I’m totally new to Ardupilot and Erlebrain 3 and I got stuck, so I thought perhaps the real professionals might help me. Your community makes a really skilled impression.

The problem:

The setting is a caterpillar vehicle with 2 tracks, each track is controlled by 2 (forward/reverse) PWM-outputs running at 120 Hz PWM-Frequency for speed control. That means I need a total of 4 PWM-outputs to operate the Vehicle.

The question therefore is, how can I program these parameters, or better learn the ErleBrain (with Ardupilot Rover) these parameters.

I just tried MissionPlanner Software to configure, but I’m not sure how to implement these parameters in MP.

In the end the little caterpillar should move between preset (GPS-)waypoints (therefore MissionPlanner)

Thank you very much in advance for your support.

Kindest regards

Use a Arduino Pro Mini as a middleware to receive the APM signal and control the motor.
My Dagu Rover 5 Tracked


I don’t think the erlebrain support neither changing the pwm frequency nor recent update.
The simplier for now should be to do like xvxieweilai advice and use an arduino board to make the signal conversion or use another motor controller that can have RC inputs.

Hi Chris,

your setup worked? I am also using Erlebrain 3 and robotq contoller . I am trying xvxieweilai input but not getting proper values,