Skid steering not working with sitl

hi , i m running rover 3.5.0 in sitl with mission planner .bt sitl work on non skid steering mode if i hv change param skid_steer_type =1 .then also my rover can’t moves in skid steering mode.also can any one help me regarding how to load older sitl version .

It doesn’t seem possible as far as I can tell to get MP’s SITL to run a skid-steering rover. The issue is the SITL backend needs to simulate a skid-steering rover which can be done by passing “-f rover-skid” into the startup script for the simulator but I couldn’t find a way to make it work. Perhaps MP could be slightly enhanced to provide an option for this vehicle type (issues list is here)

Actually I’ve just found that adding “–model=rover-skid” to the “Extra command line” field works.

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thanks a lot …its works…i really appreciate your work

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