Skid Steering Mixing

I recently switched over to dual joystick for manual control and noticed that the opposite throttle moves plus or minus ~100pwm when first giving power.

for example, I give power to throttle left 2000 pwm. throttle right neutral is 1500, but will jump to 1400 for a split second then go back to 1500. It happens to both sides.

I have verified that the transmitter is not mixing it. I have pilot_steer_type to value 1.
Running cube with 3.3.0

Thanks for your help!

Did you ever get this figured out?

I’m trying to figure out where the mix is coming from as well.

I’m set up for paddle input 1, “throttleleft” and “throttleright” on channels 1 and 3, and when I move either stick there is a spike in the opposite motor. Super weird.

I also confirmed my radio isn’t sending a mix…so Ardurover seems to have a parameter somewhere that is applying a weird steering mix…but I can’ seem to figure out where it’s coming from. My spikes are bigger than 100 though, closer to a full 500 at the extreme.

Is there some steering mix parameter I’m not aware of that is causing it?


Danny in Seattle

I’m struggling with the same issue. Did you guys figure anything out? I’m pulling my hair out!


I did not see this thread before, but I had this issue too at one point and if I remember correctly, I did a reset to default, flashed arduplane or copter and then ardurover again. Pilot_steer_type 1 (two paddle input) it most likely not the right option for most users with a standard RC TX and it is a pain in the a… to drive like this.

I replied in the other thread - will try re-flashing and see if that helps. I agree that 2 paddle input is not ideal. I actually just switched over to it to see if it would help get rid of the cross-talk, which it doesn’t.

Is it doing it in all modes ? Specifically in Manual ?

Yes, for me, it is doing this in Manual as well.