Skid steering - left/righ gain in manual mode

I have a ‘wheel chair’ robot / r2d2 using wheels from hoverboard. Those are driven by regular ESC 30A 6S (hence only can go forward). It works, but the steering is too sensitive. Is it possible to set a gain/steering ratio? In other words, to control how much difference in RPM there will be the steering stick is moved.

In manual mode, the RC input values are forwarded to the outputs. The only thing ardurover does is to map the input values to the output values if input and output have different ranges/trims.
In acro mode, you tune the PID values till the rover follows the configured speed and turn rate values.
In ardurover 4.1 beta there is a new parameter MOT_STR_THR_MIX, the discription says it allows to prioritize throttle vs steering. Perhaps this parameter does what you need, but I have not tried it yet.

@count74, thank you for the answer. Disagree about forwarding. In the skid steering, the throttle and aileron RC inputs must be mixed to produce throttle_left/right outputs. Hence, there must be a parameter defining the mix ratio/gain, either explicitly given as a parameter or implicitly hidden as constant in the code.

What I understand from your answer is that this parameter is probably hardcoded in 4.0 and is exposed as a user parameter in 4.1. beta. Thank you for a hint.

You are right. I simplified the matter a bit. If I remember correctly, in older versions, the skid steering
mixing was 0.5x steering, 1x throttle. This led to problems with rovers which had a lot of friction resisting turning. They would stall during pivot turns. In later versions it was changed to 1:1, but that means faster rovers will have insane turn/pivot rates in manual mode. So I guess the new parameter is there to get it right for all cases.

I have the same problem with a tracked rover.
Currently I programmed the transmitter for the steering channel a 25% dual rate for Manual- and Acro mode.
All other modes run with 100% steering.

Solved the problem in the same manner. Thank you. On some cheap FrSky without possibility to adjust travel the only option is to redistrict the travel via parameters.