Skid Steering 1PWM for 2 motors in 1 esc?

Since my stock ESC sucks I’ll buy a new ESC for my 540 brushed DC motors for skid steering.
However it looks like 1 channel(1 pwm only ) And as far as i understood, pixhawk needs 2 different pwm’s from the ESC to complete skid steering. Or is there a workaround?

I plan to switch to a 2s or 4s Lipo as this ESC supports lipo.
my rc boat: double horse 7006 (92cmx32cmx32cm)
stock battery: 12v nicd 1900mah 650grams
Flight controller: pixhawk 2.4.8
RC kit : 9x turnigy 9ch

Or should I buy 2 separate ESCs that supports up to 11.1V Li_po and change it to lipo?(12V nicd ones are way more expensive). I really can’t build a rudder. I know i’m too newbie for it.
Will arduboat(rover) on pixhawk work with 2 ESCs for skid steering?

You need 2 ESC’s for skid steering. A couple of these Hobbywing ESC’s would work well and they are waterproof. I had one on a Rover.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t live in US. I really liked the esc. Thanks. I’ll be using 2 esc’s then. Do i need 2 batteries? I will test my motors Voltage and amper values tomorrow. I’m pretty sure they are 12V 540s tho. (battery is 12V)
This one or the latter?

If I really will need 2 batteries than I will get 2 lipos 2000mah 2S for each. They have break and reverse functions added. Which is great because arduboat doesn’t support non reverse motors.

I will add some weight to front tp prevent sinking. I’m excited about the project. Let me get some plywood to mount everything on it.

Your help is gold to me. Thank you so much

For skid steer you need to be able to control left and right motors separately. Do do so, you need 2 separate ESCs or an ESC that is able to control 2 motors with 2 signals (which is essentially 2-in-one ESC).

Yess. I bought a multi meter. I will test my motors volt and amp draw. I will get 2 escs. Thing is, will 1 battery and 1 xt60 power module be enough to power 2 esc and 2 motors? I couldn’t find much diagrams on Google. If motors are 7.6V. I’ll get the cheaper esc. If 12v I’ll obviously get the expensive one. They are like 1/3 in aliexpress but I don’t have much time life to wait :frowning:
Thanks for the support