Skid Steer using linear actuators setup question

I’m an Ardupilot Rover novice.
I want to control a skid steered tank (zero turn mower) using 2 linear actuators
I’m trying to get:
Servo 1 to output PWM of ~975 to ~1991 when the left stick is pushed F&B
Servo 3 to output PWM of ~975 to ~1991 when the right stick is pushed F&B
In both Manual and Auto mode

I’m using a pixhawk 2.4.8
I’m using Qground control 3.5.6 on a Mac running Sierra10.12.4
I also have access to Misssionplanner on a windows PC
I’m using a Taranis QX7 Inputs= TAER Mixer= TAER to a X8R receiver
I’m using Ardurover chibios Ardurover v4.0.0.0 standard version Rover

I’m using Two paddle mode #1
If I set Servo 1 to RC1 and Servo 3 to RC3
If I move the left stick forward and back the CH1 PWM readings are 975 to 1991
If I move the right sick forward and back the CH 3 PWM readings are 975 to 1991
This is exactly what I want but it only works in manual mode

If I change servo 1 to throttle left 73 and servo 3 to throttle right 74
My readings change to:
left stick F&B channel 1 PWM=1495 to 1892
right sick F&B channel 3 no change
right stick R&L channel 2 PWM= 1093 to 1892

I have spent many hours reading the Ardupilot Rover site
and looking for useful YouTube videos to no avail.
I would appreciate a pointer to the complete setup info for Auto mode.
Thank you.

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The 1st configuration will only work in Manual because with RC1 and RC3 it’s simply passthrough. After changing to Servo 1&3 to throttle left and throttle right (the correct way) did you leave the PILOT_STEER_TYPE to 1? Then you need to configure your radio sticks correctly. Starting with AETR, default for Ardupilot, would be a better idea.Then Rc chan 3 (throttle) would be left and Rc chan 2 (Elevator) would be right.

It’s easier to control if you use the default steer type instead of 2 paddle steer but your choice.

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Thanks Dave,
I changed to AETR, and verified PILOT_STEER_TYPE as 1. Changing the feeds to the motor controller from 1&3 to 2&3 was very helpful. I have more testing to do but you have me moving forward again. Thanks, Paul

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