Skid steer rover spins like a top

Hi. Have a rover with two driven wheels and casters on the front. If I’m using the remote control, or in guided/auto mode, it turns on the spot waaaay to fast. Like its flat out.

In Manual mode, if moving forward and apply a steering input, it gently turns. But if stopped, and I add a steering input, it spins on the spot very quickly, almost uncontrollable.

On a guided or auto mission, if its stopped and needs to turn to face the waypoint, it spins flat out and naturally the compass cant keep up.

No doubt there’s a setting to control this, but all I’ve found are settings for controlling steer rate when its moving forward, not when its stationary.

Any help appreciated.


it sounds like the left and right motors are mixed up.

Current recommendations on my setup were to leave the tuning to the flight controller and MP. Keeping controls in the transmitter to generic/standard settings (meaning, don’t set trims or try to tune the rover in the transmitter).

Also I was following the website instructions, but using the “mandatory” config page in MP (vs following the web page configs with the full parameter list open) got rid of several gremlins I created.

Consider getting 4.5.1 if you haven’t already and using MP to guide you. Seemed like a better approach than my first.

Also, post your param file - the harder problems will demand a look at that…cd