Skid steer problems with changed RC map


I am building a rover based on a remote control John Deere tractor for my kids to drive their dolls around in. It has an articulated body that uses skid steering driving the front wheels to move and steer. I have a pixhawk mounted on it and have configured skid steer out it so that it drives correctly. I’m using rover 3.1.0 beta 1.

My radio is a Futaba 7c radio that doesn’t have a centering spring on the throttle (left stick) and it makes it hard to drive as I need to precisely center the stick to stop the rover from moving. What I’d really like to do is move the throttle to the pitch channel (right stick) and just use the right stick to drive the rover. However when I swap channel 2 and 3 with the rc map parameter, the rover no longer drives correctly. If I push the right stick straight up, only the left wheel drives instead of both. When I push it down, it just stops.

Did I configure this correctly or is there something else I need to do?



Normally the ArduRover firmware expects to use the Pitch (Elevator) joystick as the throttle input and not the Throttle joystick so that you can have both forward and reverse direction control. The Throttle joystick has no neutral position between forward and reverse motion.


Hi Thomas,

That’s isn’t the default operation for my ardurover setup. It also is different than what the rover documentation says:

I wish that was the case, though.

I figured it out by looking at the status tab in mission planner. When I swapped throttle and pitch with rcmap, it also swapped the outputs. I had to move the esc connected to rc output 3 to output 2 and now it works.


My experience was the same stick was throttle as my plane,copter. I just released the lock on my Tarranis to allow it to centre automatically