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SKID STEER OUT removed! Why?

(AndWik) #1

When I upgraded my rover to the latest firmware I found that SKID_STEER_OUT was gone! Why this?
The Wiki documentation doesn’t reflect the change and I’m not able to get my rover running anymore.

I still want to use one joystick for motion

Many thanks in advance
Mr Anders Wikström

(Amilcar Lucas) #2

You need to change parameters:

or something like that… and it will work again. AFAIK there is no documentation for that in the WIKI.

(AndWik) #3

That was a very quick reply!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


(Khancyr) #4

This is a beta update that is why the documentation isn’t updated yet. Becarefull, plenties things have changed, and more to come !

(J) #5

How do I change these parameters ? I can’t see them in the full list.

(AndWik) #6

SRV is a short for SERVO
You’ll find it :slight_smile:

(Dustin Hawkins) #7

With skid steer out removed and changing servo function of rc1 and rc3 parameters to use 1 joystick for control, does the pilot steer need to be set at 0 or 1?