Skid steer operation with aditional drive motor

hi, iam looking to run a vehicle that consists of a drive motor that runs through a differential and out to tracks each axle has brake/steering levers, is it possible to control both the drive motor and two servos for steering

i assume when skid steer mode is enable there is no seperate drive motor control

i am a complete novice with ardurover but im planning running this vehicle in an agricultural setting
i would like to use rtk gps to follow crop rows

on a side note, can anyone give me any advice about the posibility of a system in which saved mission planner routes can be automatically ran at programed times or upon certain enviromental conditions being met


There’s a discussion here and there are at least two people in the forums (Kenny Trussell is one of them) working on zero-turn mowers which is maybe what you’re looking to do.

With Rover-3.4 (and higher) both skid steering and the separate steering/throttle can be used at the same time is the SERVOx_FUNCTIONS are set appropriately.

Re setting up the mission to run at a specific time, we have an item on the to-do list to support running missions at a specific time. It’s already been done for multicopters so it’s not particularly difficult. If you wanted the mission to only run under certain conditions then a custom program running on a “companion computer” to start the mission would probably be required. DroneKit might be a good thing to use to write that program.