Skid Steer help sabertooh and cube


I’m using sabertooth 2X12 and pixcube.
roll ch1
throttle ch 3

On Pixhawk:
Servo1_function 73
Servo3_function 74
Steer ch1
Throttle ch 3

When I make a test motor, if I put 45% and test only turns one side, If I put 65, turns both.
When I put In manual mode, only turns one side.I checked Failsafe screen to see if channels are moving ok, and yes, they move.

Any Idea why this happens? If I connect directly from receiver to sabertooth works perfectly.

It seems like the cube did not send the info to sabertooth strong enough



@ecabanas, my guess is that there is an issue with the sabertooth’s ESC setup. The motor test (buttons C and D) should only cause one wheel to spin at a time.

Another thing to check is the SERVO1_TRIM and SERVO3_TRIM and be sure these are about 1500.

Beyond this we probably need a dataflash log…

Hi @rmackay9

I did a video showing the issue, because maybe I did not explain correctly.

The rover has 4 wheels, (2 each side) and when I test the motors with testC and testD the test goes correct.

The problem is when I’m using the stick to control the rover. See the video.

I also attached the log file if it can help to you

Thank you very much for your help




Txs for the video.

It looks like maybe there is an issue with the transmitter setup. When the throttle stick (channel 3) is moved the steering (channel 1) is also changing. When only the throttle stick is moved, only channel 3 (input) should change.


Finally I found the probem, when you connect directly the receiver to the ESC to test the model, the esc needs to have mixer activated. When you connect the rover to a Pixhawk then you have to disconnect mixer feature in ESC. Now is working in maual mode perfectly

Thank’s for your help

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