Size of screws for fixing cube2.1 to mini carrier board?

What size screws to use for fixing a cube2.1 to a mini carrier board?

When I recieved my cube2.1 and mini carrier board (one of these from Bask Aerospace, a Proficnc reseller), they did not come with screws for fixing the board to the cube. I need to source some, but do not know what size to buy.

I can see from the docs of the full size carrier board that it uses M1.6*20mm screws. I can not see if, with the full size carrier, if the screws are going through case+PCB (and are therefore longer than they need to be for the mini carrier board) or if it’s the same as the mini carrier board, directly fixing the PCB to the cube2.1

It would be better if it had come with these screws included :frowning:

please contact Bask, they should be able to help you.

they are a M1.6 machine screw, stainless steel

the minicarrier boards to date were the initial Beta Batch, the next batch will come with case etc.

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10mm to 16mm will be fine for length

thanks, I think I can get 10mm locally.

just for future reference: 20mm * 1.6 also seems to work fine for attaching the mini carrier board.

Kind of a shame that these screws are not included with the purchases of cubes/mini carrier boards at the moment.

Hello. Just like to know how to fastening the mini carrier board to the frame.
Any types of foam is not advised I think.

My preference is to use thin 3M tape on the top of the cube, and mount upside down

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I hot-glued it to the bottom of a vibration-mounted plywood shelf (mounted right-way up, access from underneath) that also holds the batteries on the topside. So far so good.

Do not vibration isolate it…
And hot glue will fail.

Please use the 3M double sided tape…

It’s in a gasser (warbird, DLE-20RE), have run it on the ground but not yet maidened. Project stalled temporarially due to work, but my intention is to tune the avionics tray damping carefully to ensure there is no oscilation/clipping before maiden. The tray has 5S2P NiMiH cells + receiver + autopilot in rigid plywood box, so it is rigid and has significant mass. It’s on stiff rubber mounts that are loaded equally, in a plane that passes through the CoG of the assembly, at a tangent to the primary oscilation (rotational from the engine). For tuning the mount, I was going to experiment packing different velocity foams (e.g. classic latex) in the opposite corners of the box to the stiff mounts.

I could cut some standoffs to the same size as the rubber mounts, and swap them out to effectively hard-mount the autopilot. I haddnt thought of trying that but it would give me a baseline for comparing the effectiveness of the damping at different RPM so I probably should try that.

It hadnt occured to me that the hot glue would fail. It’s a big juicy fillet that seems really solid. I’d probably want to paint the ply (e.g. polyurethane) before expecting tape to stick to it. Is the 3M tape you are recommending the same stuff that came with the Here GPS?