SIYI MK32 DUAL and HM30 Dual setup fails

Hi All. I have Dual versions of the SIYI MK32 and HM30. both connect excelent when not in Dual Mode. I can download the paramerets in QGC on the MK32 and Mission Planner on PC connected to the HM30. No problems their.

I set the MK32 to Dual TX Mode and then bind to the air unit, then set the HM30 unit to Mulit Vice TX mode and bind to the air unit. The MK32 and the HM30 link to the air unit. problem is that both QGC on the MK32 and MP on the PC timeout and fail to recive a full set of parameters or go into some loop reobtaining parameters and never complete the parameter download on either unit.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem as it appears that Dual TX mode on these SIYI radios does not work! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


We are somewhat able to connect the MK32 as TXA in QGC on the unit with varianing success. But still unable to connect to either QGC or MissionPlanner on the the laptop connected to the HM30 as TX vice. the PC is unable to download parameters and as such unable to write waypoint files to the FC or inject RTK from the PC via the HM30. Infact we are unable to do anything with the HM30 in Dual mode connected to the PC and the SB switch on TXA does nothing as far as we can tell.