Siyi mk15 connecti̇on problem?

Hello everyone,

I have a MATEK H743 WING V3 model flight control card and SIYI MK15 ground station.

After making the necessary connections, I can see that my Matek card and the remote control are communicating via Ardupilot, and I can calibrate them without any problems.

But directly, the remote control and the matek control card do not communicate or establish a connection. Do I need to make an external setting via SIYI? I ask for your support in this matter.

You can see the images attached.

  1. Check telemetry in Siyi FPV first.If ok go next. Siyi TX -Datalink “connection”- USB COM.
  2. Check in Phone settings “Ethernet connection ON”
    After start QGC will be promt to use COM port connection - apply

Could you tell me the 1. Step’s detail? Do you mean RSSI level or dBm level ?
I checked everything and everything is looking normal but still not connected :frowning:
İ tried to connect via USB cable and usb-c connection type, between mk15 and matek, it’s connecting. But without cable, i can not connect :frowning:

If Mk-15 receive Mavlink from FC you will see in Siyi FPV telemetry data- height, temp, flight mode…
Did you solder blue/yellow telemetry data wires from Siyi Airunit to FC Uart?
Did you set in MP this UART (see Ardupilot mapping for FC what RX/TX uart corespond to Com port number) as 57 kb, type 2 (mavlink 2)?
Be noted rx to tx, tx to rx.

I did the soldering steps you said. In this way, I can see the connection via Ardupilot.

But I did not make the second adjustments you mentioned. I don’t know how to do it either :frowning: but I will check for this, can you just tell me which MP I can do from which menu?

Which RX/TX num you connect telemetry?

I am using TX7 - RX7 for telem,
I am using RX6 for RS in.

Thank you so much!

I set my uart 7 port to RCIN via mission planner, but I still couldn’t connect.

So you need set:
Serial 1 (rx/tx 7)
Baud 57
Protocol 2

See below UART table

I finally managed to connect everything together.
The problem was entirely related to the Rx/TX connection being reversed. Actually, I tried this setting before but it didn’t work. I think I might have made different mistakes.

Thank you for everything!

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Glad to hear.
not all we can configure by SW.
So my opinion is to connect everything as reccomended first, then find how to connect and configure additional devives.
Have a nice fly!
BTW- Siyi MK15 at 5.5 GHz give stable RC up to 4,5-5 km from ground.
You can see link quality in Db- note that -70 -75 Db is critical, -83 Db is absolute zero.
And don’t try to change “RC mode”- my favorite is “15 km FPV mode”
Best place of antennas is down of body as reccomend Herelink.
Also be noted that 2 antennas absolutely symmetrycal inside of RC system (so you can use any 1 antenna) and soldering quality of antenna connectors on Air unit is very bad. Small vibration can detach ceramic connector from PCB.

Hello again,
Thank you for your valuable suggestions.
Since I did all my tests in the office environment and at my desk, I cannot test the mk15 in detail :slight_smile: but I will try and learn all the settings when I get the chance. I have completed all connections and the drone is communicating without any problems. I only get a few minor errors ( arm roll rc 1 is not neutral ). I will fix these errors and move on to flight testing.

I’ll start a new topic. I completed the EDU-450 drone with Matek h743. I’m waiting for your comments, thank you from now on.