SIYI FT24 radio - I think I found a bug

@SIYI I think I’ve found a bug in the Siyi FT24 radio. I can’t use my transmitter and I think these steps break any transmitter (be careful - don’t do this unless you know what you are doing)

Navigate to Menu - Exp Settings - Ext Module - fm30. These are the correct steps to take if you just installed an FM30 module in the back of the transmitter. It will correctly turn off the internal radio and turn on the external fm30.

BUT - if you don’t have an fm30 module, OR if you do have one but want to remove it, there is no way to turn the internal radio back on. You can set the external module to NONE, but this does not turn the internal radio on (but it should).

From now on, it says “Inter RF off now”

have I found a bug, or am I missing something?


Please try to turn on this switch.

success!! Thank you kindly frank, that fixed it!