SIYI D6 Enterprise Propulsion System

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SIYI Technology officially released the D6 enterprise propulsion system, entering the fourth product category of the smart robotic ecosystem!

D6 Enterprise Propulsion System

Product Features

  • Fully Self-Developed & Highly Integrated
  • Strong Thrust, Extraordinary Efficiency
  • Both Straight & Foldable Propellers Compatible
  • Dual Throttle Redundancy
  • Fault Storage, High Reliability
  • Complete ESC Protection Function
  • Outstanding Design, Top-Notch Craftsmanship
  • Both Open-Source & Commercial Ecosystem Compatible

D6 enterprise propulsion system is the first integrated brushless propulsion system developed by SIYI Technology. It is mainly suitable for enterprise flying platform with 30mm arm diameter and single-axis take-off weight of 2KG to 2.5KG. D6 enterprise propulsion system adopts nano-coating technology, waterproof level up to IPX5 and can operate stably in an environment of -30℃ to 50℃. It is equipped with self-developed electric speed controllers using FOC algorithm control to improve the throttle response speed while making the system more efficient, the operation lower noise, and the throttle more linear. D6 propulsion system also has power-on low voltage, high voltage, op amp abnormality, MOS short circuit, and phase loss protection functions. During operation, it has stall protection, throttle loss, and temperature abnormality prompt functions. It uses CAN protocol to communicate with UAVCAN / ArduPilot / PX4 open-source ecosystem and stores operation data and fault data.

It can be widely used in surveillance and rescue, agriculture and forestry, environmental monitoring, logistics and transportation and many other popular fields.
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On paper it looks nice especially with CAN telemetry if it will work. I don’t think 30mm tube motor mount is a good choice. I think much more popular are 25 mm tubes.

Thanks very much for your attention and your feedback

The motor mount can be easily adjusted to be compatible of smaller tube size


  1. What kind of drone models is the D6 enterprise propulsion system suitable for?

    Drone models with a maximum take-off weight of less than 2.5KG per axis and a wheelbase larger than or equal to 900mm.

  2. What are the highlights and advantages of the control algorithm of the electronic speed controller in the D6 enterprise propulsion system? Why?

    D6’s ESC adopts FOC control algorithm, which is low-noise, efficient, delicate, more precise in control and faster in response during actual operation.

  3. Why does the D6 enterprise propulsion system support viewing real-time operating data and fault storage? What are the benefits?

    The basic data of the power system can be displayed more intuitively, and the ESC data can be displayed to users more quickly and conveniently when abnormal conditions or debugging occur, which also facilitates maintenance and after-sales service.

  4. What are the advantages of the D6 enterprise propulsion system compared with competing products?

    Good compatibility: Compatible with both foldable propellers and straight propellers while ensuring excellent FOC control response.

    Open basic data: The basic data of the ESC is displayed to customers more intuitively, quickly and conveniently, making it more efficient to find abnormalities and perform daily maintenance.

  5. Can the D6 enterprise propulsion system support different sizes of arm diameters?

    By default, it supports drone models with 30mm arm diameter. Optional reducers are available to be compatible with tubes with diameters below 30mm.