SIYI A8 mini CAM trigger issue

I have integrated the SIYI A8 mini gimbal camera with cube orange as mentioned in this documentation.

I have set RC9_OPTION to 9, i.e. for camera trigger. When the RC button associated with the channel 9 is pressed, the camera does not captures any image. I rarely takes images on pressing the button.
Other functions like gimbal pitch control and zoom work perfectly fine.


You are using ArduCopter version 4.0 acording to your post.

SIYI issues have been fixed in ArduCopter 4.4.3-beta1 version. Please re-test with that version.

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I have similar issue, But connected the Logitec f310 gamepad. gimbals and zoom all work well but the buttons do nothing. i set button 3 to digicam_control but nothing happens. How do i fix that

I’m also using an S8 and trying to figure out some things.

I thought buttons weren’t working for a while, but in turns out there is simply no UI feedback. I spent hours troubleshooting only to find that picture and video were both working, they just quietly get saved to the SD card.

Only real step I did was to reformat the SD card as FAT32 - may or may not be necessary, but that’s also what docs say