SIYI A8 - camera firmware update requires right format SD card

I discovered that my SIYI would not load camera firmware from my 64GB SD card formatted as exFAT.

I formatted a small SD card as FAT16 - and that worked just fine. From comment on another thread about the A8 it appears that an SD card formatted as FAT32 will work too - but I’ve not tested that.

Generally all devices should work with FAT32.

Yes - that’s been my experience.

But in this day and age of multi-gigabyte SD cards, where that sort of formatting is required, it’s noted in the documentation.

And in the case of the SIYI A8 - as the SD card also records the camera’s photos and videos, one might think it would handle larger format SD cards.

But loading firmware on boot up is of course a special case - which is maybe why I thought to try the different SD card format.

We’ve all grown accustomed to a certain amount of having to “figure it out” on our own. Some of us even think that’s part of the fun - me included. But it sure can be a waste of time if the idea for a solution doesn’t come quickly.