SIYI A2 mini bricked after firmware update?

Hello all,

I have a problem with my SIYI A2 camera and already contacted support but I am still waiting for an answer. Meanwhile I am trying to know if someone already had this problem happen to them and could help.

Basically the camera was working all fine out of the box but I saw that it was not running the latest firmware so I tried to update to the latest zip file available in SIYI site and at the end of the update i got a message saying something like “failed checksum” and now after I restarted the A2 mini and the SIYI FPV app, it does not recognize the camera and I can not update it.

If someone knows how to solve this problem I would be very thankful.

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I have a bricked SIYI ZR10 camera. All I hear from the @SIYI support team is to update the firmware with proper steps.

My answer from them was that there was nothing to update in the firmware of the A2 and basically I should not have updated. The fact is that there is a new firmware file for the A2 in their website and procedures to update the firmware in the manual. Their support is a joke :zipper_mouth_face:

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