SITL - sym_vehicle parameters

I am using with Gazebo. It loads deafult parameters from gazebo-iris.parm
I payed attention that when I change any parameter using “param set” command in MAVProxy, it doesn’t change it back to the value in gazebo-iris.parm.
For example the value of ATC_ANG_RLL_P 4.5 in gazebo-iris.parm, I set it to 10 (param set ATC_ANG_RLL_P 10), it stays 10 in next simulations. I do can change other parameters from the copter.parm file, bot the parameters i’ve ever set from MAVProxy are not affected. Even reset to PC doesn’t help
Any advise?


Yes that is normal. On first launch, sim_vehicle. py will load default parameters for each frame type : look at

For gazebo iris, it load first default copter param and them gazebo one.
Those parameters are store in SITL instance eeprom.bin that you should find in the directory where you launch the sim_vehicle. py script ( yes that is just an usefull launcher for SITL and not SITL).

When you change the parameters from mavproxy, only those on eeprom are changed. And will be keep across SITL reboot.
If you want to save your param file you need to save it with something like param save. (or copy the mav.param file that mavproxy already create near eeprom.bin). get a command to load a new param file at start.
To erase the param change and revert back to the defaults from first launch, append -w when using (like explain in the wiki).

What are you using gazebo for ? I would love to see some results !

I don’t want to save my parameters.
I want to change parameters during “flight” from mavproxy , but after the simulation finished I want the next simulation to load again my parameters file (and discard the. Hanged in mavproxy).

I use gazebo to for quadcopter simulation to learn differen parameters effect on its stability!

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Add -w to the command-line; this will wipe parameters at
boot. Alternatively, remove the eeprom.bin file where
stores its parameters.